Brand Advocacy

Fashion Kinetics is a local street style clothing brand in the Taytay, Rizal, Philippines that provides sustainable and ethically produced apparel that always fits the budget. Our designs are purposely made genderless for all shapes and sizes that focus on exhibiting society's trends. 

Our main goal is to create a community of people freely expressing themselves and their authenticity to the world through fashion.


Genderless fashion has been around for decades making it nothing new to the fashion industry. Whatever you call it, this idea entails both feminine and masculine characteristics in a fluid manner. With the help of the LGBTQIA+ Community, new generations are breaking the chains amid gender norms because fashion is for everyone and it should work both ways. The fashion industry is now blurring the lines between the concept of “menswear” and “womenswear” and also introduces genderless fashion as the new norm within the fashion industry. In addition to that, A Montreal Designer, Pedram Karimi, stated that “Gender is a social construct. If it (the clothing) fits and you like it, you wear it!” (Delpa, 2021). 

Fashion Kinetics aims to create a safe space and a community of people and freely express themselves and their authenticity to the world through clothing.


FASHION KINETICS envisioned establishing the power to make customers commit to slow fashion and resolve to eradicate labels that promote fast fashion. FASHION KINETICS produces clothing that is high quality and sustainable from the items themselves down to their packaging. We support locally sourced and produced garments which results in a few specific stocks per collection. Moreover, some items are made-to-order which prevents unnecessary production. 


Start it off with producing contrast-stitch Devon Jeans made through (1) deadstock fabrics which means unsold, surplus, or basically unused fabrics (also known as “overstock”)  brought by brand leftovers. Deadstock fabrics are quite expensive in a way that it is still affordable knowing that the quality is worth the price; in other words, you get what you pay for. There’s no way of putting an end to producing new fabrics since, without it, deadstock fabrics will not be produced as well. Be that as it may, this practice would be a way to reuse textiles and divert them into your closet instead of the landfill. 


It may be a high risk to rely on dead-stock fabrics since you don’t always know what you’re getting upon purchasing its leftover but at least, it is a great offer for a start-up independent business to an exclusive range of limited edition pieces along with having to breath new life into previously designed fabrics; and they will also be challenged through their creativity as it (dead-stock fabrics) allows them to expand their varieties in design while adjusting to the fabric’s availability. 


Currently, textile manufacturers are one of the many contributors to carbon emissions and the cascade of climate events. One of the best alternatives could be maximizing the production of fabrics in order to reduce our carbon footprint and prevent expending more contributions to negative environmental impact. The entire quantity of carbon emitted from all human activity is referred to as (2) carbon footprint. 


Furthermore, the packaging used to store the items for shipment is also sustainableーif not reusable, rest assured that it is eco-friendly such as (3) compostable mailers and compostable boxes. FASHION KINETICS is also taking into consideration (4) zero waste management by collecting excess textiles to recycle and maximize its functionality use in pursuance of eliminating “textile pollution” since there are phases in manufacturing such as cutting and stitching that precedes a minimal amount of textile waste generated and will end up in landfills. According to Shailaja & Mohapatra (2020), a designer should aim for a proper fit of garment panels and maximize the garment’s longevity so that wearers can use it for a long period to achieve zero waste. Fashion Kinetics also promotes sustainability by its (5) best-selling tie-dye tees that are naturally made and harmless to the environment. Coal tar dyes are used since it is safe for the workers and it directly contributes a positive contribution to the environment because it is not toxic or harmful.  Likewise, these dyes are safe and not harmful since Dermatologists prescribe this ingredient as a treatment for several skin conditions (yet precautions are still advised whenever side effects occur). Lastly, FASHION KINETICS practices  (6) Fair Production resulting to an ethically produced clothing.


After all, what matters is how slow fashion should be relevant by this time since it has less impact on society and will also help toward local economy’s growth. Moreover, there are various ways on how to invest in pieces that last longer yet take into account the condition of the environment. We aim to take the path forward in producing unique pieces and preferable quality alongside advocating a more sustainable fashion future.  #SaveEnvironment


FASHION KINETICS values transparency. The stages of the manufacturing and creative process has personally been sourced, inspected, created and designed by its proprietor, Allyna Velasco. Since Taytay is the garment capital of the Philippines, it is a good practice to upcycle deadstock fabrics creating various designs quality, sustainability and ethically produced clothing.

History and Background

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FASHION KINETICS is a well-known clothing store in Taytay, Rizal in the 90s founded by Mrs. Girlie Velasco popular with its handmade tie-dye tees, imported clothing products, and handcrafted dasters. The first physical store was located in Rizal Avenue now known as ‘Pay and Eat’ and was closed in the year 1995 due to the end of the contract. The year 2000, it opened another showroom located in their home in Taytay as well but was closed in the year 2001 due to the opening of a new family business. 

It was re-established last April 2019 through an idea that came out through Mrs. Girlie Velasco's daughter, Allyna Velasco - a 20-year-old Filipina fashion designer and stylist. She decided to open what her mom started through online selling via Instagram and Facebook. As she builds the brand, she continues to make a safe space for every gender, size, and shape as well as helping in creating a sustainable fashion future. In August 2020, she decided to open Fashion Kinetics’ official e-commerce platform/website ( and continue what the founder began. August 2021, Allyna said she planned to extend another selling platform through Shopee (