Fashion Kinetics is a local street style clothing brand in the Philippines that provides sustainable and ethically produced apparel that always fits the budget. Our designs are purposely made genderless for all shapes and sizes that focus on exhibiting society's trends.


Our main goal is to create a community of people freely expressing themselves and their authenticity to the world through clothing.


Fashion Kinetics is a well-known clothing store in Taytay, Rizal in the 90s owned by Mrs. Girlie Velasco popular with its handmade tie-dye tees, imported clothing products, and handcrafted dasters.  However, it was closed due to personal matters. 

It was reopened last April 2019 through an online shop by Mrs. Girlie Velasco's daughter,

Allyna Velasco through Facebook and Instagram. And last August 2020, Fashion Kinetics released its official website at